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Mortgage Arrears?

We understand that tough times happen to good people and never place judgment on clients who are experiencing financial hardship. Oftentimes late mortgage payments are a result of loss of employment, illness, and/or honest money mismanagement. Regardless of your life circumstances and your understanding of the importance of making your payments on time, sometimes it becomes impossible.
Whatever the reason for your mortgage arrears, DV Capital will help you as quickly as possible. We are here to help you and your family move ahead regardless of being turned down elsewhere by other Banks, Financial Institutions or Mortgage Brokers.
When one or more of your mortgage payments bounce or return as ‘NSF’ your mortgage lender will contact you to discuss a game plan to bring the mortgage payments up to date.  Despite your best efforts, failing to remedy the default or having subsequent mortgage payments bounce will eventually lead to your lender taking action.
Your mortgage will either be noted in default with a demand to payout the entire mortgage and/or escalated into legal action with the lender’s intention to eventually list and sell the property. In either case, it is important to address the matter as quickly as possible. 
If you are in this situation or fear that you might soon be facing this situation, it is imperative to contact us immediately to understand potential solutions. Contact us to learn how we can help you bring your mortgage back into good standing today and prevent legal proceedings! 

We warmly invite you for a confidential discussion 7 days a week.  Please feel free to ‘Call Us Now’ or ‘Apply Online’ and one of our licensed mortgage professionals will contact you right away. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is DV Capital?

DV Capital Corporation is licensed and regulated as a Mortgage Brokerage with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario and is a corporate member of Mortgage Professionals Canada, Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. DV Capital excels in the alternative mortgage market, a marketplace often under-serviced by traditional mortgage lenders and other mortgage providers that lack the expertise, knowledge and lender connections required to help clients cross the finish line.

What if I have imperfect credit?

We work with clients with ALL types of credit and have funded mortgages for clients without any established credit in Canada, low, average, or high credit scores, regardless of being turned down elsewhere!

What if I am self-employed?

Excellent! We have tailored mortgage programs designed specifically for self-employed individuals who might not be able to formally illustrate all of their income or have had recent slow-downs as a result of COVID-19!

What if I have been turned down elsewhere?

We have excellent success helping clients that have been turned down elsewhere as a result of the property location, property type, property zoning, property condition, as well as the income and credit profile of our client. A large portion of our clients have approached us after learning how unwilling their bank is to support their mortgage goals!

What if I'm experiencing extreme stress from juggling debt?

We have many years of experience helping homeowners eliminate their high-interest debts and payments by consolidating everything into one manageable payment and allowing them to start fresh with a clean slate!

What if my existing mortgage lender isn't willing to renew my mortgage?

Within moments of our initial discussion, we'll be able to understand your current situation and discuss a positive game plan to promptly secure a replacement mortgage, regardless of late payments during the term of your current mortgage or credit score, provided sufficient equity!

What if my property is located in a rural or remote location?

We have many mortgage options available for individuals who own real estate in rural and remote locations including agriculturally zoned property, with acreage, and well and septic services. We have helped individuals finance their working or hobby farm, as well as second homes and cottage properties across Ontario!

What if I am battling mortgage arrears?

We are incredibly experienced with providing solutions for financial distress and have the ability and formula required to cure mortgage arrears, bring existing mortgages up to date, or promptly secure a replacement mortgage!

What if my mortgage lender is beginning the Power of Sale process?

Contact us immediately to evaluate your current situation and discuss a game plan to not only stop the power of sale and the eventual sale of your property but to also prevent further mortgage and legal fees that will erode your hard-earned home equity. We have over a decade of experience handling these matters and are well equipped with professional partners including real estate lawyers well versed and willing to assist with the matter at hand.

What if I require a large mortgage amount?

Provided sufficient equity, we are happy to help clients with loan amounts ranging from $20,000 to well above $5,000,000!

What if I'd like to complete home renovations?

Excellent! We've assisted clients finance their renovation projects for their own self-enjoyment, to renovate a basement for rental income, fix-n-flips, ground-up construction and to build an addition to an existing property!

What if I'd like to discharge a consumer proposal or bankruptcy?

You've come to the right place! We have helped clients discharge their consumer proposal and or bankruptcy allowing them to begin their credit re-establishment journey!

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