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We are not the least bright concerned if your bank is unable to approve you for a mortgage.

You may be approved provided sufficient equity regardless of less than perfect credit, unverifiable income, or elevated debt service ratio.

We're about mortgages.

Our focus is sourcing fast and flexible mortgage solutions for homeowners, investors, companies, and builders in Ontario and British Columbia. 

Our relationships with institutional and private capital enable financing approvals for mostly all property situations, property types, income, and credit profiles. 

Our clients receive concierge service and the same amount of time and care that we’d apply to finding our own mortgage.


1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages
Line of Credit
Insured Residential
CMHC Multi-Unit
First Time Home Buyers
Equity-Based Approvals
Home Equity Line of Credit
Homeowners Loans
Unsecured Loans
Reverse Mortgage
Condo Inventory Loan
Condo Corporation Loan
Development Financing
Land Assembly
Subdivion Land Servicing

Secured & Unsecured

Secured – up to $40K
Unsecured – up to $35K
Quick Application
No Appraisal
Fully Open


Equity Take-Out
Bridge Financing
Debt Consolidation
Construction Financing
Renovation Projects
CRA Arrears
Mortgage Arrears
Power of Sale Relief 
Business Operating Capital
Discharge Bankruptcy



Invoice Factoring
 Asset Based Lending
Machinery Financing
Equipment Financing
Subordinated Debt
Mezzanine Debt



Urban, Rural, Remote
Working & Hobby Farm
Remediated Grow-Op
Building Lots
Retail Plaza
Hotel & Motel
Banquet Hall
Auto Garage
Storage Facility
Parking Lots
Places of Worship
Private School
Automotive Dealership
Retirement & Nursing Student Rentals
Golf Courses


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Paris Needs No Reason, Paris Is Its Own Reason.”

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