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what is a construction loan?

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A construction loan is a financing facility that helps homeowners, builders and developers bring their construction plans to fruition. Typically construction loans are advanced in progress draws. Hence, as the build progresses, the property value and equity increase, allowing for further draws until the point of completion. Traditional lenders must abide by stringent underwriting policies. This can usually become problematic for certain situations, builders and projects that require an additional layer of common sense in the underwriting approach. DV Capital will provide you with access to an abundance of flexible capital for a variety of construction loan purposes regardless of other mortgage lenders failing recognize your construction projects silver lining.

Infill Construction.

We Understand What The Banks Can't.

If you are a homeowner or a custom home builder, you might prefer to build an addition to an existing property, or demolish, and rebuild a new residential, commercial, or industrial property as opposed to selling and relocating. If you are a homeowner you might prefer to stay in your existing neighbour. Or if you are an investor or builder you might see great potential that will lead to a favourable profit. In either case, our infill construction loan program is simplistic and designed to help you progress with your build in an efficient and seamless manner.

Custom Homes.

We help custom home builders.

If you are a custom home builder in Ontario or British Columbia we can help you finance your next project. We’ll provide you with tailored financing solutions to help you reach the finish line. You owe yourself peace of mind working with a construction mortgage lender that sees the value in your project. We have seen great merit to construction loan requirements that were denied outright by the banks. If you are building on a new site, we can help you obtain a land facility up to 75% of the lot’s purchase price or appraised value. In addition, we can finance up to 100% of the construction hard costs and factor in an interest reserve.

Commercial Construction.

Commercial Real Estate Financing.

If you are looking to build a small or large commercial building we will help you assess viable financing. As a business owner you might be ready to progress into the world of commercial real estate ownership to help grow your business. Similarly, you might be an investor with a plan to build a commercial property to sell upon completion, or hold and rent. In any event, DV Capital will work to take care of your commercial construction loan requirements regardless of being turned down elsewhere.

Spec Home Lending.

financing for home builders.

If you are a builder looking to finance the construction of a home that will be listed and sold to the public during or after completion of your build, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we might be able to position you with a flexible low rate construction mortgage for your spec build.

Rural Construction Loan.

Rural Ontario Construction.

DV Capital provides mortgage construction loans in locations outside of major urban centres. If you are looking to purchase land, or already own land, we can be your construction partner. We will help you with the land acquisition mortgage as well as the construction. We work closely with homeowners and builders who plan to occupy the property as their primary residence or sell the completed property. In addition, we provide home renovation loans to help you achieve your home improvement goals.

Property Types:

Construction loans for most property types:

  • Custom & Luxury Homes
  • Multi Family
  • Mixed-Use
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hotel & Motel
  • Places of Worship (ie. Church, Mosque)
  • Subdivisions
  • Mid-Rise & High-Rise Condominium Construction
  • Purpose-Built
  • Retail Plaza



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