Mortgages in Which Provinces?

Mortgages in which Provinces? Ontario and British Columbia! Whether you wish to purchase or refinance a property located in an urban or rural location, we can help.

If you qualify for traditional financing we will extend to you our lowest mortgage rate offerings. Should you have less than perfect credit or unverifiable income you may require an alternative mortgage solution. We excel in the alternative mortgage market. We work with banks that have specialized programs and work with a multitude of investors. Regardless of being turned down elsewhere, you may very well be approved.

In some cases, you might be approved based on sufficient equity. We provide solutions for residential properties including single and multi-family. Also, mixed-use property with a retail storefront and residential apartments on the upper floor. In addition, commercial, industrial, and purpose-built property. Land and construction financing for homeowners and builders are also available at low rates and fast turnaround times.

We can provide first, second, and third mortgages in most locations within Ontario and British Columbia. Also, we’re able to provide unsecured loans, secured loans, reverse mortgages, and home equity lines of credit.

Stay tuned, we plan to expand into more Provinces in order to assist and empower more Canadians.

We’re available nearly immediately by phone or email. ¬†We’re more than happy to jump on a video-conference if you’d like to put a face to the name!

Feel free to contact us anytime for a no-obligation mortgage assessment.

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