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Our strategic alliances with an abundance of funding sources allow us to to provide fiercely competitive and well-priced mortgage solutions to homeowners, real estate investors, and builders across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. We’re a boutique mortgage firm excelling in the alternative and private mortgage market while helping our clients slice through senseless conventional red-tape.Our firm has well over a decade of experience on ‘both sides of the fence’ originating and underwriting thousands of mortgage transactions allowing us to represent our clients financing needs with efficiency and conviction.

We provide home owners with tailored financing solutions for purchase, refinancing, equity take-outs, bridge financing, debt consolidation and financial distress including mortgage arrears, income tax arrears, CRA-related issues and have the ability to stop a power of sale and a foreclosure. For real estate investors and builders, we provide acquisition, development and construction financing for residential, multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, land and purpose built real estate including places of worship, hotels, motels, gas stations, banquet halls and more.

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We’re a boutique firm with an incredible presence in the Canadian mortgage market. Our focus is to thoroughly understand our clients profile and financing requirements in order for us to work relentlessly on tailoring  and negotiate a mortgage solution without inundating our clients with overcomplicated requirements and appointments. We focus on arranging low rate mortgage solutions that best meet the needs and circumstances of our clients. Having immense experience with alternative and private mortgage financing, we guide our clients through, around, and over the many intricacies involved in the mortgage process. 

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DV Capital Corporation maintains corporate industry relationships across Canada including Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. Why? We’re committed to the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise. 


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