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what is a Private Mortgage?

non-bank financing.

A private mortgage refers to a mortgage that isn’t funded by a traditional lender such as a bank, credit union, or trust company. Private mortgage providers are typically individual investors, a mortgage brokerage deploying in-house funds, or a mortgage investment entity such as a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). Unlike federally regulated mortgage lenders, private mortgage lenders are not mandated to comply with government prescribed underwriting policies. Therefore allowing private mortgage lenders the ability to underwrite with greater flexibility and an element of common sense. Private lending continues to fill a neglected void in the mortgage marketplace. Oftentimes, traditional lenders fail to serve those new to the country, self-employed, or with less than perfect credit. Furthermore, it may be that the property type, location, condition or marketability poses as an issue resulting in a reduced approved or a hard decline. DV Capital excels in the alternative mortgage and provides tailored private mortgage approval solutions. 

Private Mortgage Lenders.

countless reasons, countless solutions.

Over the past decade we have witnessed countless reasons as to why traditional lenders have been unable to review and approve the very same mortgage requests that we have been able to. As previously mentioned, traditional lenders including banks and trust companies must abide by specific underwriting policies that are prescribed to them. Said underwriting practises consist of scrutinizing your credit, employment, reported income, as well as the subject property type, location, condition. Additionally, you will be required to pass what is referred to as the mortgage stress test. There are also a plethora of other hard rules at every corner including if you have an active or discharge bankruptcy, minimum property square feet and zoning policies and if there have been missed mortgage payments. Furthermore, traditional lenders are quite sluggish when reviewing, approving, and funding a mortgage. A private mortgage enables flexible borrowing solutions for mostly all purposes. 

Private Mortgage Brokers.

Rural Ontario Construction.

DV Capitals’ residential and commercial mortgage division is an excellent example of how private mortgage brokers operate. Oftentimes mortgage agents and brokers are accustomed to traditional lending guidelines and operate within the ‘check the box’ approach and are uncertain how to assist clients with non-conforming mortgage loan requirements. We specialize in reviewing, structuring and approving private mortgages for clients with no credit, bad credit, active and discharged consumer proposal and bankruptcy, fix-n-flips, spousal buyouts, mortgage arrears, property tax arrears, and CRA arrears. We approve clients based on sufficient equity regardless of them being turned down elsewhere. 

Private Mortgage Features.

Simple. Transparent. Progressive.

A private mortgage is often used as a short term financing facility for homeowners, builders, and developers. Therefore you can expect that a private mortgage term will be in the neighbourhood of 3 to 24 months with the option to extend or renew the mortgage if mutually desired. Although private mortgages are usually interest-only due to the thin amount of principal pay-down over a short period of time, amortization options exist for up to 40 years, exceeding the traditional threshold of 25 years. Oftentimes DV Capital is able to provide a payment-free mortgage by way of prepaying the interest for a portion of months or the entire term. Also, we are able to force a monthly payment by prepaying the difference of the actual payment, and an amount that best suits your budget. 

Bad Credit Mortgage.

We can help.

Over the years we have seen credit profiles of every shape and size imaginable and they all have one thing in common – potential.We understand that bad times happen to good people and believe in providing homeowners with a second chance and a way to move ahead. We work with clients with previous and active consumer proposals and bankruptcies. In addition, work with individuals who are new to the country including foreign buyers and investors who either have zero established credit in Canada or very thin credit. A home equity loan to end the juggling act with high-interest credit card debt can be a viable strategy for credit counselling and debt relief. 

Self Employed Mortgage.

Business For Self, Made Easy.

So, you made the decision long ago, or today that business ownership best suits your vision for freedom and success. A surprising revelation however might have been the fact that it is increasingly difficult to obtain a mortgage if you are self-employed. Whether you are operating a sole proprietor, a corporation or a partnership you will be required to provide a plethora of documentation to obtain a traditional mortgage. Your income, assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, financial statements, tax returns and notice of assessments will be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb. At DV Capital, we do it differently. We completely understand that your income might fluctuate seasonly or that you might not be able to verify all of your income using traditional methods. We provide flexible self employed mortgage programs for residential and commercial property owners. Including clients with less than perfect or overextended credit used to maintain their business operations. 

Property Mortgage Funds.

private residential & commercial mortgages.

The majority of private mortgage lenders partake in residential house lending. It is a straightforward asset type to underwrite and raise investor capital. Certain mortgage lenders possess the experience, capital, and resources to facilitate financing for other property types including multi family, commercial, construction, land, and development. DV Capital works with an abundance of private mortgage lenders and investors that specialize in financing most property types, in most locations, for most borrower types, for most situations in Ontario & British Columbia. 

Jumbo Loans.

Large Mortgage Loans.

A jumbo mortgage loan refers to a large-sized loan amount that is not often provided by traditional mortgage lenders. Often impossible to obtain due to most lenders limiting the amount of money they will lend on one transaction, or the heavy burden and income requirement needed to successfully pass the mortgage stress-test. Furthermore, mortgage lenders often reduce their loan amounts on a sliding scale basis once the property value exceeds $1M, resulting in less money to you. Especially in major centres such as Toronto and Victoria where property values are at unprecedented levels, jumbo loans can be incredibly helpful. DV Capital can provide a jumbo mortgage loan without a stress-test and without the same capital restraints that prohibit purchasers of high valued residential real estate and builders of custom-built luxury homes. We have the means to facilitate jumbo mortgage loans ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000 and above.

Remediated Grow Ops.

In Ontario & British Columbia.

Due to the stigma associated with properties previously used as illegal grow operations traditional lenders will often shy away from providing financing due to a marketability concern. Furthermore, even if a mortgage lender is willing to accept the stigma, there can be structural and environmental concerns with the property. Although such inspections are possible to help determine potential issues, most lenders choose to avoid financing a property used as a cannabis grow operation even if it has been remediated to acceptable standards. DV Capital is able to provide mortgage approvals for properly remediated marijuana grow operations in Ontario and British Columbia.

Last Minute Mortgage.

Rush Mortgage Closings.

We understand that you might be spinning knowing the fact that you have a purchase closing or need to access to your home equity and are either running out of time to arrange your mortgage, or have been told by your mortgage lender that they have cancelled your ‘mortgage approval’. If you are needing to close on a purchase we can help you close on your purchase as we have been funded mortgages in as little as 24 hours. Similarly, we can arrange a fast and flexible mortgage to help stop power of sale, foreclosure, or when you need to access your home equity. 

Mortgage Arrears?

We can help.

If you are struggling with existing mortgage arrears it is important for you to know that DV Capital can help you. For over a decade we have been providing first, second, and third mortgages to residential and commercial property owners struggling with their mortgage payments. If you have an existing mortgage that is approaching the maturity date and have had late payments during the term you might not receive a renewal offer. Similarly, if you have had any late payments during the last 6 months of your existing mortgage and are planning to refinance to another lender, you might no longer qualify due to late payments, regardless of the reason. Even worse, having one or more late payment on your existing first and or second mortgage can lead to a most stressful and costly process. We can stop mortgage arrears by helping you bring an existing mortgage up to date, or to seamlessly replace a mortgage that is being called or not renewed as a result of previous mortgage arrears during the term. 

Private mortgage Rates.

countless reasons, countless solutions.

DV Capital is active and experienced in the private mortgage market. A marketplace often overlooked by traditional lenders due to the income and credit profile of the borrower or the location and condition of the real estate asset. Private mortgage lenders dictate the interest rates they charge to their borrowers based on a few factors. Firstly, private mortgage investors demand a minimum rate of return. Secondly, the loan attributes such as the property type and loan-to-value might attract a premium. Thirdly, although private mortgage lenders must primarily focus on the rate of return to their investor, they must write loans that coincide with the rates charged by other private mortgage lenders. DV Capital maintains relationship with a network of private mortgage investors and third-party mortgage lenders including mortgage investment corporations and family offices to provide a wide private mortgage rate offering. We invite you to contact us for a complimentary assessment and private mortgage quote. 

Private Mortgage Benefits.

Transparency is key.

  • First, second, and third mortgages.
  • Higher loan-to-values.
  • Equity based mortgage approvals.
  • Flexible income and credit requirements.
  • No mortgage stress-test. 
  • Prepay or customize your mortgage payment.
  • Fund a mortgage in as little as 24-48 hours.
  • Funds to cure arrears and to stop power of sale.
  • Custom terms and loan amounts from $20K – $20M+. 

Property Types.

private mortgages for most property types:

  • Detached 
  • Low, Mi, High-Rise Condos & Strata
  • Custom Luxury Homes
  • Multi Family
  • Mixed-Use
  • Commercial 
  • Industrial 
  • Hotel & Motel
  • Places of Worship (ie. Church, Mosque) 
  • Purpose-Built 
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Medical
  • Storage Facility
  • Parking Lot



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