Why DV Capital?

We provide value to our realtor partners by sharing our industry knowledge as well as being fully accessible 7 days a week. In such a fast paced market it is sensible to partner with a mortgage broker with access to creative low rate mortgage approvals. 

Flexibility & Execution.

Federally regulated mortgage lenders must abide to strict underwriting policies. Naturally, this places many client types in a less than favourable position. We help your clients that have been turned down by a bank as a result of their income or credit, or the location or condition of the real estate asset. In most cases, we approve mortgages based on sufficient equity. Our flexible mortgage solutions enables purchase and refinancing solutions for those who are self-employed, have imperfect credit, or those with elevated debt service ratios that cannot pass the ‘stress-test’. 

Client Types.

We support many client types including first-time home buyers, self employed, real estate investors, builders, foreign buyers, and those otherwise unable to qualify for traditional financing or needing to close much faster than the likes of a bank, trust company, or credit union. 

Property Types.

We work closely with a network of mortgage lenders and investors to fund mortgages for many different property types. Including, but not limited to, single family, multi family, mixed use, commercial, industrial, warehouse, storage facility, parking lots, condominiums, strata, student rentals, remediated grow-ops, medical offices, retail plazas, apartment buildings, hockey rinks, places of worship including temples, church, mosques, urban and rural raw and unserviced land, infill land, custom home and subdivision construction, marinas, golf courses, retirement homes, private schools, and more. 

Any Income & Credit

Purchases up to 85%

Healthy Compensation

up to $5,000!

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We believe that with transparency is key to empowering our clients to make informed mortgage decisions. Our mortgage blog contains useful information, pointers, and rate updates.



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