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DV Capital is a Toronto-based boutique mortgage firm providing fiercely competitive and well-structured mortgage solutions to homeowners, real estate investors, builders and developers across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. With well over a decade of experience on ‘both sides of the fence’ originating and underwriting thousands of funded mortgage transactions, DV Capital is well positioned to represent financing requirements with efficiency, proficiency and execution.

An established name in the alternative and private mortgage market, DV Capital is recognized as a ‘go-to’ financier of residential, multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, land, apartment buildings, retail plazas, hotel, motel, gas station and other real estate asset class without senseless red-tape.

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DV Capital provides its homeowner, real estate investor, builder and developer clients unparalleled access to an abundance of mortgage capital, products and solutions. With a relentless focus on providing concierge-style service, DV Capital’s clientele recognizes the level of passion, transparency and care shown to its clients regardless of the level of difficulty of the financing requirement or whether its client has been turned down elsewhere. For well over a decade the Mortgage Brokers at DV Capital have assisted its clients with mostly all situations from bridge and acquisition loans, to home equity loans or stopping a power of sale or redeeming a foreclosure to custom home construction. 

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DV Capital is committed to demonstrating the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise and maintains corporate industry memberships in Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. 


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