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Home Renovation Loans and Mortgages
Renovation Loan Mortgages

renovation loan Mortgages.

Real Estate Renovation Financing Loans.

Renovation mortgage loans are a hot topic in the Canadian real estate market. We’re often approached by real estate owners that are looking to renovate their residential, mixed-use, commercial or industrial property. Over a period of time, it is normal for real estate to require upkeep and maintenance. Depending on the scope of work and associated costs, it might make sense for the real estate owner to consider financing the renovation project. We have an array of renovation loan financing solutions whether you’re looking to spruce up certain areas of your home, finish a basement for rental income or enhance your commercial real estate asset to improve business productivity and revenue. DV Capital has immense experience helping homeowners, real estate investors and business owners obtain mortgage financing across for renovation projects of varying sizes and magnitudes. We invite you to contact us for a complimentary discussion if you plan to purchase or currently own real estate and would like to discuss options for renovation loan mortgages in Ontario, British Columbia or Nova Scotia.

Basement Renovation Loans.

Make your equity work for you.

We’re increasingly speaking from homeowners whom recognize the importance in finishing or renovating their basement either to enjoy time with their family or friends or for rental income. In other cases, depending on the clients circumstances, they might renovate their basement to have their senior relatives reside in the property in order to provide caregiving and as an alternative to long-term care facilities. In other cases, it might just be a viable solution for young-adults with children to continue to reside in their parents home, especially given the hurdle for most millennials to purchase real estate in the present economy. The reality is that renovation a basement requires a sizeable budget and depending on the homeowners circumstances, they might deem it to make sense to access their home equity in order to help finance the project. This is especially true if the cost of a home renovation mortgage loan is cost-friendlier and/or more practical than tapping into investments or utilizing funds on higher-interest rate credit cards. Regardless of the clients circumstances, we’ll help them understand potential basement renovation loan options and the process from start to finish. Contact us anytime to discuss and learn more about renovation mortgage loans.

Basement Renovation Loans and Mortgages
Commercial Real Estate Renovation, Construction and Retrofitting Mortgage Loan

Commercial Renovation Loans.

Commercial Construction Loan Financing.

If you own a commercial, industrial, retail unit or building, you might find yourself in a position where your asset can benefit from renovations, maintenance, capital improvements, repairs or retrofitting. In order to avoid utilizing personal funds or business operating capital it could make sense to consider commercial renovation mortgage loans or a repositioning mortgage loan. Contact us at your convenience for a complimentary discussion to learn about our renovation mortgage loan products and how we might be able to bring value to you and your financing goals. DV Capital provides renovation and construction financing for commercial real estate in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia. 

Fix and Flips loans.

Hard money loans for BRRR projects.

We have experience working with homeowners, contractors and real estate investors and helping them reach maximum profit potential with flexible fix and flip mortgage financing approvals. We understand how important it is for you to have access to simple equity lending and the need for a common sense approach. Our fix and flip loans are as simple as verifying the ‘as is value’, the ‘when complete value’, the cost to complete and the current and future equity in the property. We have the ability to structure fix and flip loans for real estate in both urban and rural locations with speed and efficiency. We can very quickly assist you by providing you with an opinion and indication of structuring, timelines, the process, and mortgage approval terms. We are incredibly flexible and in most cases you are permitted to prepay the mortgage payments for the term to assist with your cashflow in order for your capital to be focused on project progression. We will tailor a term length to help you complete the fix and flip and properly list & market the property for sale. We provide real estate investors and house flippers the opportunity to participate in BRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent & Refinance) opportunities that are often unavailable through traditional mortgage lenders. Contact us to learn more about our BRRR mortgages and fix and flip mortgage solutions in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia. 

Fix and Flip BRRR Mortgage Loan
Hard Money Loan Mortgages
Hard Money Loans.

Hard Money Private Mortgages in Canada.

Hard money loans and hard money lending essentially refers to asset-based lending in its truest form. These are private mortgages that are based strictly on the property type, value, location, condition, marketability and the existing and/or requested mortgage balance(s). DV Capital provides hard money loan approvals for renovations, BRRR projects and fix & flips, thus assisting homeowners, real estate investors, and contractors. We understand that leverage is important as is the path of least resistance for your hard money loan requirements. Subject to project details and market conditions, we might be able to assist you with financing up to 80% of the after renovation value, or in some cases, a higher loan to value, provided additional real estate collateral with sufficient equity – in most cases we are also able to provide up to 100% of hard costs, although 100% loan to cost is typically awarded to the most viable and feasible of financing projects. DV Capital is well experienced with facilitating hard money loans for residential and commercial real estate financing as well as renovation mortgage loans in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia. 

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