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What Is a Land Mortgage?

What is a Land Mortgage?

Land Mortgage Lender.

A land mortgage is a loan provided by a mortgage lender to a homeowner, custom home builder or real estate developer. Land loans assist clients in purchasing land, servicing and assembling land, refinancing and developing real estate. Land financing is a niche product, given the additional layers of risk associated with land loans, and as such, not all mortgage lenders provide land mortgages. For this and many other reasons, it’s critical to position your land financing requirements with a land mortgage lender or broker. There are numerous purposes for purchasing land, such as building a home, building a farm, land banking or eventually servicing and developing residential, commercial or industrial real estate. Land financing is available for land acquisition, replacing an existing land loan, land assembly and land servicing. Land loan financing and procurement have many ‘moving parts’ from the term, cost, and source of land mortgage financing to municipal, environmental and legal regulations. Land is a riskier asset class than income-producing real estate, so land mortgage lenders typically require a larger down payment and charge a risk-adjusted interest rate premium. DV Capital provides land financing across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Applying for a Land Mortgage.

Land Mortgage Lenders in Canada.

Applying for a land mortgage is different than a residential or commercial mortgage. Mortgage lenders consider land much more challenging to underwrite and a riskier asset than residential or income-producing real estate given its relative absence of marketability, which vastly depends on its location, pricepoint, zoning, size and stage in the entitlement and development process. For these and other reasons, land mortgage lenders are very selective about how and when they approve land loans and will thoroughly scrutinize the asset and the loan sponsors’ experience and net worth. DV Capital facilitates land loan mortgage financing across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia for homeowners, builders and real estate developers.

Apply for a Land Mortgage
Land Acquisition Mortgage Loans
Land Acquisition Mortgage Loans.

Land Acquisition Financing in canada.

The success of a land acquisition revolves around the ability to secure adequate land acquisition financing that supports the project’s timelines and funding requirements. DV Capital Corporation has access to institutional and private land mortgage lenders for land acquisition financing requirements for investors and real estate developers across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Refinance a Land Mortgage loan.

Land Mortgage Refinancing.

Given the short-term nature of land loans, landowners often require financing to refinance or replace an existing land mortgage loan. At times, mortgage land lenders will not accommodate a land loan extension or renewal, thus triggering the requirement to refinance an existing land loan. Similarly, an existing land loan lender might be willing to offer a mortgage renewal but might increase the interest rate above market pricing, require the principal balance reduced at maturity, or be unwilling to provide additional capital. In other cases, land mortgage lenders might not be willing to offer a renewal and request their capital back at maturity. Land mortgage loans are usually available in first and second mortgage priority, depending on numerous factors. Contact DV Capital to discuss land refinancing mortgage loans in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.

Refinance A Land Mortgage Loan.
Land Assembly Mortgage Loan
Land Assembly Mortgage Loans.

Land Assembly Mortgage Lenders.

Land assembly consists of purchasing multiple parcels of land and combining them into one larger parcel to develop and build higher-density real estate. A land assembly can benefit the sellers of the current neighbouring properties and the party organizing and participating in the land assembly, as the assembly might result in a higher sale price for each property versus being sold on a standalone basis. Similarly, even if the party orchestrating the land assembly acquisition is paying a premium, they stand to assume a healthy upside from either selling the land assembly to a developer or taking the land assembly through the development process. DV Capital facilitates land assembly loans in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.

Land Servicing Mortgage Loans.

Mortgage Lenders for Land Servicing Loans.

DV Capital assists builders and real estate developers with land servicing loans to develop freehold, townhouses, low-rise and high-rise rental apartments and condominiums, office, commercial, industrial real estate and master-planned communities. Contact us to discuss your land servicing requirements in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.

Land Servicing Mortgage Loans
Rural Land Mortgage Loans
Rural Land Mortgages loans.

Mortgage Lender for Rural Land.

At DV Capital, we maintain relationships with an array of rural land lenders, including private mortgage lenders that finance land in rural locations with various zoning, acreage, services and marketability. We facilitate and source fast and flexible land mortgage financing for rural land acquisition, refinancing and construction of custom homes and subdivisions for homeowners, builders and real estate developers in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

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