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What Is A Commercial Mortgage? Private Lender

What is a Commercial Mortgage?

Commercial mortgage lenders.

Commercial mortgages are loans provided by a commercial real estate lender that is secured against commercial real estate such as an: apartment building, mixed-use property, commercial, industrial or retail unit or building and other commercial real estate asset classes. Similar to residential mortgages, there are traditional, alternative and private commercial mortgage lenders that provide a spectrum of commercial real estate financing in the Canadian mortgage market. Commercial real estate is typically purchased and owned by business that owner-occupy the property, commercial real estate investors including individuals, partnerships, corporations and real estate investment trusts. Commercial mortgages lenders will assess the property type, property location, property condition, property zoning, purchase price or appraised value, the requested mortgage amount and purpose of funds, the debt service coverage ratio and information on the loan sponsors, known as the guarantors, such as their experience and personal net worth. This is simply a high-level list of consideration points for a commercial real estate lender when evaluating a commercial mortgage request. DV Capital is well experienced and positioned to assist its clients obtain commercial acquisition financing, commercial term loans, commercial bridge financing, commercial refinancing and commercial construction financing for commercial real estate in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Owner-Occupied Commercial Mortgages.

Commercial Real Estate Financing.

Oftentimes we are approached by business owners who are either renting their business premises, own commercial or industrial real estate and wish to move or purchase an additional property for business growth or expansion. There is a greater sense of predictability and freedom for business owners that own and occupy the real estate that their business operates as opposed to renting. DV Capital provides mortgage financing to purchase, refinance or construction commercial real estate including commercial units and commercial buildings. Traditional and alternative commercial mortgage lenders have fairly rigorous underwriting policies with respect to the property location, experience and net-worth of the loan sponsors, debt service coverage ratios and the financial stability of the businesses that own and occupy the property. Private commercial mortgage lenders also have underwriting and due diligence requirements however in exchange for a pricing premium typically provide greater flexibility, speed and less red-tape. DV Capital assists commercial real estate purchasers & owners in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.

Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgages
Mixed-Use Property Commercial Mortgage

Mixed-Use Commercial Mortgage.

Mixed Use Property lenders.

A mixed-use property is an asset class that consists of both residential and commercial units and uses. A typical example of a mixed-use property is when the property has retail units on the storefront level with residential apartment units on the upper levels. Traditional lenders heavily scrutinize the property location and condition as well as the debt coverage ratios, the experience of the guarantor and aren’t particularly known for their flexibility or quick turnaround time. Regardless of being turned down elsewhere we invite you to contact us directly for a complimentary review of your mixed-use property financing requirement whether it be to purchase, refinance, or build, we will help you move ahead with a mixed use property mortgage in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Mortgages for Industrial Real Estate.
Financing for Industrial Properties.

DV Capital provides an array of financing options for industrial real estate assets, including industrial units & industrial buildings such as warehouses, office-spaces and showrooms, occupied as single or multi-tenanted that demonstrate stable cash flow and consistent operating history. Traditional and private industrial real estate financing options are available and structured as term, bridge or second mortgage financing for acquisition, refinancing, development, construction or asset repositioning. Similar to commercial mortgage underwriting requirements, traditional and alternative lenders have rigid underwriting and due diligence requirements with respect to the property and loan sponsors, with private industrial mortgage lenders providing short-term term price-adjusted flexibility. 

Mortgages for Industrial Real Estate
Multi-Family Residential Mortgages
Multi-Family Residential Mortgages.
Mortgage Lender for Places of Worship.

Multi-Family real estate is one of the most bustling real estate classes in Canada and provides roofs over heads for many hard-working Canadians. Multi-Family properties with five or more residential rental units falls under the spectrum of multi-family real estate whereby multi-family real estate purchasers, owners and developers can access an array of conventional and CMHC-insured financing products for purpose-built rental apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, row-houses, student housing and retirement housing. CMHC Financing provides lower interest rates, higher leverage (loan-to-values) and longer amortizations than conventional financing. DV Capital assists its clients obtain multi-family acquisition financing, term loans, bridge financing, refinancing and construction financing for multi-family real estate in eligible locations across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Self-Storage Mortgage Financing.
Mortgages for Self Storage Facilities.

The self-storage industry continues to make significant traction across North America, including many locations across Canada. DV Capital facilitates self-storage mortgage financing to property owners, developers and investors. Traditional mortgage lenders that finance self-storage properties assess the location of the property as well as its occupancy and cash-flow as well as operators experience. From standard term financing to interim bridge loans to construction and development financing, contact DV Capital to evaluate the viability of institutional and or private mortgage financing solutions for self-storage mortgage financing requirements across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. 

Self-Storage Mortgage Financing
Student Housing Mortgage Financing
Student Housing Mortgage Financing.
How to finance student housing in canada.

Student housing provides incredible resources and values to colleges, universities and communities. DV Capital assists investors and developers obtain conventional and CMHC-insured mortgage financing for purpose-built student housing projects on and off-campus for purchase, construction and refinancing requirements. CMHC-insured student housing financing unlocks higher loan-to-values, lower debt coverage ratios, preferred interest rates and extended amortization periods up to 40 years. There are requirements surrounding loan-to-values, construction financing advance structures, rental achievements, debt coverage ratios and sponsor experience, net worth and guarantee requirements. Contact DV Capital to discuss your financing requirements for your student housing project in Ontario, British Columbia or Nova Scotia. 

Condominium Corporation Loan.
Condo & Strata Corporation Financing.

DV Capital can provide financing to condo corporations in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia for the purposes of handling special assessments, repairs, and lawsuits. Traditional lenders are either unwilling or unable to provide financing due to the fact there isn’t tangible real estate security. We will help you obtain a condo loan for your condo corporation, board of directors, property managers and unit owners in order to relieve the stress and burden on all parties alike.

Condo Corporation Loans & Strata Loans
Commercial Real Estate Property Types, Mortgage Lender
Commercial Property types.
Commercial Real Estate Financing.
  • Commercial & Industrial Units, Buildings & Plazas.
  • Multi-Unit & Apartment Building Mortgages Financing.
  • Hotels & Motel Mortgage Financing. 
  • Car Dealership Mortgage Financing. 
  • Golf Course Mortgage Financing. 
  • Private School Mortgage Financing. 
  • Marina & Resort Mortgage Financing.
  • Warehouse Mortgage Financing. 
  • Cinema Mortgage Financing. 
  • Parking Lot Mortgage Financing. 
  • Mobile Home & Trailer Park Mortgage Financing. 
  • Recreation-Vehicle Park Mortgage Financing
  • Standard & Affordable Student Housing Mortgage Financing. 
  • Multi-Family Mortgage Financing.
  • Office & Retail Unit & Building Mortgage Financing.
  • Medical Office & Plaza Mortgage Financing. 
  • Self-Storage Mortgage Financing.
  • & More. 
Commercial Mortgage Purposes.
Commercial Debt Lenders.
  • Acquisition / Purchase Financing.
  • Private Commercial Mortgages
  • Refinancing / Permanent Take-Out Financing.
  • Capital Repairs or Improvements. 
  • Bridge Loans
  • Term Loans.
  • Equity Take-Out.
  • Construction & Development Financing. 
  • Condominium / Strata Conversion Project Financing
  • Strata Conversion Financing.
  • Condominium or Strata Inventory Loan Financing.
  • Inter-Alia / Blanket Mortgage Financing.
  • Conventional, CMHC-Insured & Private Commercial Mortgages.
Commercial Mortgage Lending Purposes
Documents for Commercial Mortgages
Documents for Commercial Mortgages.
How to Apply for a Commercial Mortgage.

The documentation to support a commercial mortgage application may include the following. DV Capital understands the importance of a simplified process and advises its clients on which documents are required based on their commercial mortgage requirements. These documents will allow DV Capital to conduct a preliminary underwriting review based on their many years of experience, knowledge of lender guidelines and how to represent their client’s mortgage financing requirements accurately and efficiently. The reality is that mortgage lenders, including private mortgage lenders, expect transparency and disclosure from their borrowing clients. Candidness helps clients obtain approval options and potentially better terms; in reality, provided sufficient equity, there are approval options for clients even if they’ve been turned down elsewhere.

  • DV Capital Mortgage Application
  • DV Capital Ordered A.A.C.I. Appraisal
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale & MLS Listing
  • Existing Mortgage Statements
  • Property Tax Statement
  • Property Insurance
  • Potentially, CRA Documents
  • Property-Related Documents (i.e. Environmental Site Assessment)
  • Rent Roll
  • Building Income & Expense Statement
  • Description of the Property
DV Capital works closely with commercial real estate owners, investors and business owners seeking commercial mortgage financing to purchase, refinance, access equity or construct real estate in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.

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