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What is a bridge loan?

Short term mortgage success.

A bridge loan is a short term mortgage facility typically used to purchase a property that closes before the sale of your existing property. A bridge loan will provide you with the access to your home equity, that is, before receiving your money from the sale proceeds. That’s right – you can purchase a property while your existing property has not yet sold. Whether you are in the middle of a heated real estate market or have your eye set on a particular property, a bridge loan will help you execute with greater peace of mind. At DV Capital we take the stress out of the mortgage process. As if a bridge loan in itself may have initially caused you confusion, you might have been shocked to learn that most traditional lenders require a firm sale on your existing property. In most cases we can approve your bridge loan before you list your existing property for sale, even without a firm same. Equity based mortgage approvals at its finest. 

How does it work?

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A bridge loan is more or less exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of a bridge. A method of travelling from point A-to-Z. You might benefit from a bridge loan if you are purchasing a property that is set to close before the sale of your existing property and your downpayment and closings costs are tied up. A bridge loan is commonly referred to as a ‘blanket mortgage’ because one or more properties will be blanketed under one mortgage. This blanket structure provides the mortgage lender with collateral if the equity in your existing home. This equity consists of your would-be down payment and closing cost budget if the sale of your existing home was to close before the purchase of your new home. 

bridge loan example.

Short term mortgage success.

Say that you currently own a home in Toronto, Ontario with a fair market value of $800,000 with an existing home equity loan of $300,000. You have finally pinned down your new home for you and your family and your offer to purchase was accepted for $900,000. Your excitement turns to stress as your current home is not receiving any respectable offers and you receive your new purchase closing date is around the corner. Worse, your down payment is tied up in your current homes equity. DV Capital approved you for a $900,000 bridge loan that will be registered in first position on the purchase property and in second position on your current home behind the $300,000 home equity loan. When you end up selling your current home for $800,000, the net proceeds of about $450,000 after real estate closing costs and paying off your home equity loan is used to pay-down your bridge loan. Congratulations! You have successfully sold your old home, moved into your new home, and avoided potential issues that could have arose from not closing your purchase on time including loss of deposit and potential litigation from the seller. Well done. 

when to use a bridge loan.

Solutions for all.

Oftentimes a bridge loan is used to bridge a homeowner between the purchase and sale of homes that have different closing dates prohibiting the use of sale proceeds as a down payment on the new purchase. Keep in mind that a bridge loan can also be useful for real estate investors who are looking to expand their investment property portfolio by purchasing new properties without using cash rather existing from existing properties by way of a blanket mortgage. Similarly to a residential property, a bridge loan can be helpful to bridge the purchase of commercial, industrial, and land. Furthermore a bridge loan can also be used as a temporary financing facility whilst awaiting a longterm traditional financing vehicle. In either event, a bridge loan can be an incredibly useful tool to help you achieve your homeownership, investment, or business goals. 



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