We facilitate mortgage investment opportunities for qualified investors.


In 2012, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) introduces it's 'Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practises and Procedures Guideline (Guideline B-20). This guideline sets out expectations with respect to strong residential mortgage underwriting. Federally regulated lenders must exercise a 'stress-test' function to assess the borrower' ability of making payments in the event their income or employment is affected, or if there were to be a sudden interest rate hike. Furthermore, a requirement to implement greater scrutiny on property values, loan-to-value limits respective to the property type, location, and market.

As a result, opportunity exists whereby qualified investors can participate in mortgage investment opportunities that provide a rate of return to the investor, and provides the borrower with the financing they require.

We seek and provide qualified investors with suitable mortgage investment opportunities secured against real estate in Ontario.

Rigid Underwriting.

Thorough Transparency.

Swift Execution.

Investor Inquiry.

Are your existing investments in-line with your goals?



DV Capital Corporation provides investment opportunities to qualified investors who reside in Ontario.


Suitable mortgage investment opportunities that are tailored to the comfort and


We are approached by those seeking financing when traditional financing isn't possible, or when faster and more flexible financing is required.


We facilitate mortgage investment opportunities secured by real estate that is located in Ontario.


We simultaneously provide a borrowing solution and an investment facility.


Qualified investors may invest using cash or a registered account held by a 3rd party custodian, such as a TFSA, RRSP, RESP, or RRIF.

Our Focus.

Preservation of Capital.

We operate with the belief that sound mortgage investing takes precedence to the rate of return. In other words, it's important to prioritize good loans.


We seek and disclose potential risks and salient facts about potential loan opportunities that we ourselves would want to know.


Potential investors must complete a suitability assessment containing questions about income, net worth, sophistication, and risk tolerance.

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