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Private Mortgage Investments.

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Private Mortgage Investing
Private Mortgage Investments

The private mortgage market.

Invest in Private Mortgages in Ontario.

In 2012, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) introduces it’s ‘Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practises and Procedures Guideline (Guideline B-20). This guideline sets out expectations with respect to strong residential mortgage underwriting. Federally regulated lenders must exercise a ‘stress-test’ function to assess the borrower’s ability to make payments in the event their income or employment is affected, or if there were to be a sudden interest rate hike. Furthermore, a requirement to implement greater scrutiny on property values, and loan-to-value limits respective to the property type, location, and market. 

As a result, a demand for mortgage financing in the marketplace exists which presents an opportunity for qualified investors to participate in mortgage investment opportunities. DV Capital Corporation 

provides qualified investors with suitable mortgage investment opportunities secured against real estate in Ontario with risk-adjusted returns according to the mortgage investor’s profile.

Private Mortgage Investor Eligibility.

Private Mortgage Investments.

DV Capital Corporation follows a rigorous ‘Know Your Client’ process that consists of an in-depth review and assessment of each prospective private mortgage investor. The assessment process consists of a thorough review of the prospective private mortgage investors experience, wherewithal, risk-appetite, private mortgage lending sophistication, as well as an overview of their net-worth, investment goals and horizons. It is of paramount importance to develop an understanding of each of our investor clients profile to ensure that the private mortgage loan opportunities that we present are indeed suitable for consideration and investment. DV Capital Corporation is actively accepting private mortgage investor inquiries from persons and entities classified as a member of a ‘Designated Class’ as defined by Ontario Regulations 188/08 of the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Account. For more information about becoming a private mortgage investor with DV Capital Corporation, please contact us for a confidential discussion. 

Private Mortgage Investor Eligibility
Private Mortgage Investors

Private Mortgage investors.

Become a Private Mortgage lender.

DV Capital Corporation provides private mortgage investment opportunities to an array of qualified individuals and entities, some of which include:

  • High Net Worth Individuals 
  • Medical Doctors 
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Family Offices
  • Professional Real Estate Corporations
  • Accounting Firms  
  • Business Associates 
Our private mortgage investor clientele recognizes our private mortgage acumen and experience with origination, underwriting & adjudication of private mortgages. Our core competencies consist of rigid discipline, uncanny attention to detail and meticulousness with a vigorous focus on capital preservation.

Become a Private Mortgage Lender.

How to invest in private mortgages.

DV Capital Corporation provides a customizable approach for private mortgage investments from a variety of capital sources that cater to the needs of our investor clients. 

  • Cash Account: Investors of DV Capital may invest in Ontario private mortgages using funds currently positioned in personal savings accounts, corporate or holding company accounts. Our investors capital can then be deployed into suitable private mortgage placements and accordingly registered against title of the real estate security. 
  • Self-Directed Arms-Length Mortgages: Investors of DV Capital may invest in Ontario private mortgages using a Tax Free Savings Account, Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Registered Education Savings Plan, and any other approved accounts as approved by our third-party registered account custodian and title-holder, Olympia Trust Company
For more information on the private mortgage investor set-up process for DV Capital’s eligible investors, please contact us for a confidential discussion. 
Become a Private Mortgage Lender
How to Become a Private Mortgage Lender in Canada

Investment Analysis.

Private Real Estate Investing.

DV Capital dissects every private mortgage funding request and reviews the salient facts and information behind each private mortgage opportunity to identify its merits and material risks. 

The Real Estate Asset: DV Capital assesses the overall integrity and marketability of the real estate asset, given that it represents the loan security, we will conduct internal and third-party valuation assessments and opinions and commission additional reporting if required. 

The Property Owners: 
DV Capital assesses information on the borrowers and guarantors to develop an understanding of their profile, their circumstances and the reason they’re seeking private mortgage capital.

The Loan Request: DV Capital assesses the details of the loan request, including but not limited to the loan amount, the purpose of the loan, the borrower’s game-plan and whether the contemplated investment coincides with our risk assessment guidelines and lending philosophy.

Contact DV Capital to learn about our rigid underwriting process, insights and private mortgage investment acumen instilled by multi-generations of private mortgage investing and lending experience.

Private Mortgage Investments.

Become a DV Capital Private Investor.

DV Capital provides eligible private mortgage investors with access to an assortment of private mortgage investment opportunities that coincide with their investor profile and risk tolerance and provides advisory services.

  • Invest in individual and tangible private mortgage investment opportunities as opposed to ‘blind-pool’ investing in a ‘fund structure’ such as a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC).
  • An alternative investment avenue for private mortgage investors who may not qualify to invest in a Mortgage Investment Entity, such as a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC), or prefer to maintain absolute command over the mortgages that they wish to invest in.
  • Each private mortgage investment is relatively short in nature with a defined anticipated term-length and rate of return, free of redemption or account set-up fees that are charged by or payable to DV Capital. 
  • Develop a personalized private mortgage investment strategy and receive only investment opportunities that cater to your investor profile. 
  • In most cases, the investor maintains full ownership of their name/entity on the mortgage charge that is registered against the real estate security
For more information on private mortgage investing, please contact DV Capital for a confidential discussion. 
Private Mortgage Investing in Canada
Private Mortgage Investing

DV Capital's Operation.

Private Real Estate Investing.

DV Capital believes in maintaining relationships with likeminded professionals to enhance the Firms operation, product offerings and investor experience.

Real Estate Lawyers: DV Capital maintains relationships with real estate lawyers in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada who possess experience with all facets of the mortgage loan cycle from registration to discharge and all processes in between. 

Real Estate Valuators: DV Capital will rely on select real estate appraisers licensed and regulated by the Appraisal Institute of Canada that hold CRA or AACI designations and occasionally commission third-party real estate broker opinions of value.

Loan Intermediaries: In addition to private mortgages originating directly from DV Capital Corporation, we will accept private mortgage funding requests from third-party mortgage professionals who are licensed and in good standing with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

Third-Party Reviews: DV Capital will often ask entrusted associates with decades of real estate and private mortgage lending experience to opine and provide objective insights on contemplated private mortgage investments.

Private Mortgage Checklist.

Private Mortgage Advisory Services.

DV Capital Corporation provides private mortgage investors with an unbiased opinion on private mortgage transactions presented to them from other sources. We have reviewed and underwritten thousands of private mortgage transactions and would be happy to opine on the merits and perceived risks of the private mortgage investments that you’re considering. We invite you to contact us anytime to schedule a 30-minute consultation at your convenience.

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