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Looking to buy a home or rental property?

It is important for homeowners, to-be homeowners and real estate investors to understand their purchase financing options, especially prior to entering into a contract to purchase real estate. We are often contacted by clients who were advised elsewhere that they would easily qualify for a mortgage or received a piece of paper that spoke to a potential mortgage without any underwriting or review process. The clients then proceeds to submit an offer to purchase a property, in the worst cases, waive their financing condition, and are left scrambling to obtain purchase financing that they may or may not have considered if they were better aware of potential purchase financing options at the onset. There are many different factors that go into a mortgage approval regarding the property type, location and the income and credit profiles of the clients. DV Capital provides their homeowners and real estate investor clients with complimentary mortgage purchase financing assessments to determine potential purchase financing options and extends this service to the clients of realtors in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. 

Mortgage Pre-Approvals.

Importance of mortgage pre-approvals.

For over a decade we’ve witnessed hundreds of purchase transactions and believe in the benefit of a mortgage pre-approval. This is the step after our clients have completed a purchase planing assessment and they’ve developed a potential game-plan and are ready to proceed with exploring mortgage details to help them determine various factors such as the total qualifiable mortgage amount and the purchase range they should focus on. A mortgage pre-approval can streamline the property-search process as our clients and their realtors will have a better idea of the maximum allowable purchase price as opposed to blindly searching for properties and potentially later realizing that one or more of the properties are not viable options. Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval requires upfront legwork, but an accurate pre-approval is not an easy pre-approval. DV Capital can secure rate-holds for its clients for up to 120 days, providing them with peace of mind to confidently search the real estate market with their realtors. We provide mortgage pre-approvals for homeowners and real estate investors across Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.

Mortgage Pre-Approvals
Purchase Mortgage Approvals
Purchase Mortgage Approvals.

Mortgages for homeowners & investors.

This is the process of solidifying or converting a pre-approval into a formal mortgage approval whereby the mortgage terms, conditions and supporting documentation requirements are outlined in what is known as a mortgage commitment. DV Capital corporation has an array of mortgage purchase financing options for homeowners and real estate investors looking to purchase a primary residence, or a second home such as a cottage, as well as rental and investment properties. With vast experience ranging from CMHC-insured purchases to equity-based private mortgage purchase financing, DV Capital is well-positioned to help individuals obtain purchase financing across Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.  

Pre-Construction Mortgages.

Mortgages for Pre-Construction Purchases.

DV Capital has experience securing mortgage approvals for clients under contract for pre-construction purchases with the intention, upon completion, to occupy the property as a principal residence, rent the property or sell the property for a profit. We’ve witnessed many unfortunate cases where clients circumstances have changed between the time they’ve entered into contract with the builder and the actual closing date which is typically years apart. Clients approach us whom believed they’d easily qualify for an approval and learnt that they require additional assistance from us or received notice that the mortgage amount they once qualified for will be reduced, or worse, their mortgage lender is no longer able to assist them. DV Capital provides traditional (A-Lending) and  alternative (B-Lending) to eligible clients with great rates however, what separates us from traditional pre-construction lenders is our ability to lend on the greater of the pre-construction purchase price and the appraised value. If the appraised value is higher than the pre-construction purchase price, this can be incredibly helpful if an anticipated mortgage approval falls apart near closing, or, if our client wishes to put down less money at closing and/or borrow more than they believed was possible. DV Capital provides pre-construction mortgages to home owners and real estate investors across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Pre-Construction Mortgage
Rush Mortgage Closing

Rush Mortgage Closings.

When time is of the essence.

We have witnessed countless cases of purchase transactions requiring rush mortgage closings. Typically, we’re approached by purchasers who have already waived their financing condition and learn that their mortgage lender is revising their approval terms once they’ve completed a formal underwriting process either by reducing the the total approved mortgage amount, thus increasing the down payment requirement, or requesting additional documents that the purchasers are unable to provide. When a purchaser is under contract to purchase a property and has waived all of their conditions and is unable to close as scheduled, the purchaser potentially stands to lose the deposit that they’ve paid to the seller and can also face legal action and be responsible for damages. Contact us immediately if you require a rush mortgage closing for a real estate purchase in Ontario, British Columbia or Nova Scotia.

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