Reverse Mortgages in Ontario

Reverse Mortgages in Ontario are designed for homeowners age 55 and older who can unlock the value of their home and turn it into cash, tax-free.

You’re able to receive up to 55% of the value of your property. The maximum loan-to-value is determined based on your age, property type, and location.

There won’t be regular mortgage payments during the term of the reverse mortgage. However,  interest will accrue in the background along with the principal. The mortgage becomes due upon the earlier of the sale/transfer of the property, passing, or default. 

Some features associated with a reverse mortgage:


  • Purchase a property or refinance.
  • Choose from a single advance or reoccurring advances.
  • No minimum credit score requirement.
  • No scheduled mortgage payments.
  • Balance won’t exceed property value as long as obligations are met. 
  • Decide how you use the proceeds.  
  • Tax-free funds.
  • Won’t impact Old Age Security or Guaranteed Income Supplement.
Some reasons why a reverse mortgage might make sense:


  • Eliminate debt obligations.
  • Increase monthly cash-flow.
  • Assistance for a child or grandchild.
  • Early inheritance.
  • Unexpected health-care costs.
  • Purchase a vacation property.
  • Home renovations or retrofits.
  • Investment capital.

As always, it is important to review the details of each mortgage product to determine suitability. Independent legal representation is a firm requirement.



We’re a boutique firm arranging mortgage financing across urban and rural Ontario. We leverage our knowledge and also our relationships with institutional and private financing to enable the most unique financing solutions. Solutions are available for most credit-profiles including less than perfect credit, previous/active consumer proposal or bankruptcy, and also to discharge collections and judgments. In addition, modest, multiple, and/or difficult-to-verify income sources are usually acceptable in most cases.

Contact us to see if a reverse mortgage makes sense for you and your family’s financial wellbeing.

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