Gas Station Mortgage

Gas Station Mortgage in Ontario.

Gas Station Mortgage in Ontario

Seeking and securing mortgage financing for a gas station in Ontario is far from being a simple task. When you think about it, gas stations are found on nearly every street corner in urban centres. It’s also impossible not to notice gas stations in rural and remote locations in Ontario, albeit fewer options the further out you venture. Also, if you visit any online real estate websites,  you are bound to notice that realtors are often promoting gas stations that are listed for sale. These advertisements usually boast about the business, revenue, and amounts of gas pumped. Clearly, there is a strong demand for gasoline use, and evidently there is a demand for buying and selling gas stations.

Who Will Provide a Gas Station Mortgage?

Gas Station financing is a very limited and niche marketplace where investors seldom participate. The real asset is unique in nature and requires a sophisticated degree of underwriting. In addition, behind every successful underwriting and money management system, are investors that want to understand the loans they are investing in. Most private mortgage investors typically limit their lending to residential homes. Therefore, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to recognize that financing for gas stations is very much a niche offering.  Furthermore, whether the financing requirement is for the purchase, refinance, or construction of a gas station, loan amounts aren’t modest and require fair sums of capital. If you are able to source a mortgage investor who is interested in financing a gas station, they may lack the required capital to fulfil the financing request. Environmental concerns are typically the biggest concern given the complications that can arise. If you are able to source an investor with an appropriate capital requirement, the thought of an environmental concern might be enough to shatter any remaining potential of finding a gas station mortgage. 

DV Capital Corporation

DV Capital Corporation can assist you with your gas station financing requirements. Whether you are seeking financing for a flagged or non-flagged gas station we will work relentlessly to help tailor you a solution. Our strategic partnerships with hotel mortgage funding sources allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions. Regardless of being turned down elsewhere, the capital requirement, your financing deadline, we welcome the opportunity to assess your needs. 

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