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What Is Mortgage Arrears?

What is Mortgage Arrears?

Mortgage Default Specialists.

We understand that bad times happen to good people and we never judge clients facing financial hardship. Oftentimes mortgage delinquency is a result of employment issues, illness or financial mismanagement. One or more late mortgage payments could be the beginning of a very difficult process. The act of missing only one mortgage payment is considered a technical default and you should expect to hear from your mortgage lender who will ask you how you plan on bringing the missed or bounced payment up to date. It is important to understand that mortgage lenders have a legal right to demand repayment, failing which, eventually commence legal action which may include either a power of sale or a foreclosure. In either case, it is important to address the matter as quickly as possible. Contact us to learn how we can help you cure your mortgage arrears and bring your mortgage back into good standing, if possible, if you own real estate in Ontario, British Columbia or Nova Scotia.

Does Mortgage Arrears Affect Credit?

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If you have an existing mortgage that is held by a mortgage lender that reports to credit agencies such as Equifax or TransUnion, there is a possibility that late mortgage payments, including deferred mortgage payments, will be reflected on your credit report. This might affect your credit score and result in serious consequences with respect to obtaining future mortgage refinancing. Mortgage lenders, including private mortgage lenders, will review credit reports to review mortgage payment history and performance to determine whether the likelihood of their mortgage being paid as agreed, even with evidence of sufficient income and an acceptable credit score per underwriting guidelines. A standalone incident might be excusable in the eyes of a mortgage lender, however chronic arrears or default judgements in relation to mortgage enforcement proceedings is much more of an uphill battle. We strongly urge real estate owners facing mortgage arrears to contact DV Capital to create a tentative action plan to remedy mortgage arrears to prevent further stress, legal action & costs. 

Does Mortgage Arrears Affect Credit?
Can You Refinance Mortgage Arrears?

Can you refinance mortgage arrears?

Solutions for Mortgage arrears.

For clients experiencing mortgage arrears, the discussion and realities surrounding mortgage refinancing options for a mortgage with history of late or bounced payments or existing mortgage arrears is not simple. Generally speaking, traditional mortgage lenders, also referred to as A-lenders, are not usually interested nor comfortable providing a mortgage to real estate owners with existing mortgage arrears. Alternative mortgage lenders, also referred to as B-Lenders, may also shy away from providing financing to real estate owners with existing mortgage arrears, however, they may consider providing financing if there was an isolated event of mortgage arrears with a reasonable explanation and comfort that the event will not happen again. The reason why traditional, alternative and even certain private mortgage lenders will not provide a mortgage to pay-off a defaulted mortgage is because they are looking to fund mortgages that have a high probability of performance; replacing a mortgage that is either currently in arrears or has previously been in arrears during the term of the mortgage may not coincide with their underwriting & risk policies. DV Capital possesses vast experience, knowledge and a successful track record with helping real estate owners refinance mortgage arrears and stop legal action across Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia.
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Missed Mortgage Payment Help.

DV Capital has over a decade of experience working with and helping real estate owners overcome financial distress, including mortgage arrears, property tax arrears, CRA arrears and stopping power of sales. We have mastered the art of remedying mortgage default with strategic financing solutions. Regardless of late or missed mortgage payments due to illness, unemployment, or the overall burden with costs of living in Canada, we will not judge you and help you with your mortgage arrears, property tax arrears, or condo fee arrears. We possess great experience with communicating with mortgage lenders and their enforcement lawyers to work out an amicable plan to help our clients reinstate their mortgage, or swiftly replace a defaulted mortgage in order to prevent legal action including a power of sale or foreclosure proceedings.

Looking for Mortgage Arrears Help?
Need Property Tax Arrears Help?
Property Tax Arrears?

behind on Property Tax payments?

Real estate owners are responsible for making timely property tax payments to their local municipality’s property tax department. Real estate owners without a mortgage are accountable for handling property tax payments. Real estate owners with mortgages might have a portion of property taxes collected by their mortgage lender alongside the regular mortgage payment. The mortgage lender will remit property taxes on behalf of the real estate owner to the respective municipality’s tax department. Otherwise, if the mortgage lender does not collect a portion of property tax payments, the lender may require the real estate owner to provide proof that they are making timely payments during the mortgage term at renewal or if the homeowner is refinancing their mortgage with another mortgage lender. Property tax arrears are typically considered a technical default under an existing mortgage and can prohibit refinancing or borrowing additional funds. Property tax default can also lead to penalties, interest and tax liens. We have helped real estate owners who have faced property tax arrears, including situations where the tax department referred the matter to a bailiff to sell the property. We can assist real estate owners bring property taxes up to date to help them avoid mortgage default and legal proceedings such as power of sale action. Contact us to learn about potential mortgage solutions for unpaid property tax arrears in Ontario, British Columbia & Nova Scotia. 
condo Fee Arrears?

Help for Condo or Strata Arrears and liens.

It’s very important for condo and statra owners to be aware of their responsibilities and obligations and the consequences of overdue condo and strata maintenance fees. Falling behind on condominium maintenance or strata fees or not paying for a special assessment can result in a lien registered against your condominium or strata unit. In the event that unpaid condo or strata fees and or special assessment balances aren’t rectified, you may receive notice that a lien will be registered against your unit. Not only will this result in an uncomfortable living environment, you can lose your right to vote at meetings, have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage, and in the worst case, have your condo or strata unit sold under a power of sale or foreclosure if the issue isn’t rectified, depending on the respective regulatory rights awarded to condo corporations. For this reason one must be careful not to fall behind on condo or strata fees. If you’re facing condo fee or strata fee arrears, do not hesitate to contact us if you own real estate in Ontario, British Columbia or Nova Scotia.

Condo or Stata Fee Arrears Help
Solutions For Mortgage Arrears?​
solutions for Mortgage arrears?

missed mortgage payment help.

DV Capital is experienced with helping clients battling late, missed and bounced mortgage payments. We know how to effectively communicate with lenders and their legal departments regarding mortgage arrears. We maintain and leverage relationships with real estate lawyers well-versed with the mortgage arrears and default process to gather insights and direction on how to best assist our clients. We have experience bringing existing mortgages up to date to keep our clients foot in the door with an existing favourable mortgage product. Alternatively, if the mortgage must be repaid, we know how to swiftly replace a defaulted mortgage. We operate with a sense of urgency and communicate with all parties from start to finish. There are risks that real estate owners face if their mortgage arrears isn’t remedied that may eventually lead to the mortgage lender commencing mortgage default legal action such as a power of sale or foreclosure. If you’re a real estate owner facing mortgage arrears in Ontario, British Columbia or Nova Scotia, contact us 7-days a week for a confidential discussion; we will do our very best to help you succeed. 

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