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Rural Mortgage Lender
Rural Mortgages

rural mortgage Lender.

Mortgages for rural homes.

Whether you’re looking to purchase, refinance, or obtain a construction loan to build a residential, commercial or cottage property in a rural location, we have you covered. Traditional and private mortgage lenders tend to shy away from providing first, second and third mortgages in rural and remote locations, specifically real estate that is rural, farm or agricultural zoned. Furthermore, properties with additional structures such as barns, sheds, garages, greenhouses, livestock and stables, as well as property situated on acreage face great scrutiny. Most mortgage lenders have restrictions on the total amount of acres the property is situated on. Lenders may either not lend at all on a property based on the acreage, others will only lend using the value of the house and five or 10 acres and will entirely disregard the value of additional acreage. This can be detrimental as additional acreage has value and will naturally reduce the mortgage amount and/or require the client to provide a larger down payment. DV Capital is well positioned to assist homeowners, real estate investors and builders with rural mortgage financing in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia and can often finance a property based on the value of the house and entire acreage unlike most other lenders. 

Working & Hobby Farm Mortgages.

Rural & Agricultural Mortgage Lenders.

DV Capital works closely with homeowners and farmers who operate both working and hobby farms and provide mortgage for residential, rural, farm agricultural zoned properties. Oftentimes clients cannot fit directly in the residential mortgage lending box, nor can they fit in the farm or agricultural lending box and find themselves somewhere in the middle. This is usually a result of the property being used more for personal enjoyment with light farming use as opposed to a full-throttle farming operation, although we can assist clients on either side of this spectrum. Farmer clients require capital for many reasons including a capital shortfall rejuvenation, funds for growth and expansion, funds for shareholder buyouts, operating capital, equipment purchases, solar and wind energy projects, greenhouses and farmland purchases. When seeking a rural, farm or agricultural mortgage loan, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, it’s important to position yourself with a farm mortgage lender. Contact DV Capital for your agricultural, working farm & hobby farm mortgage financing requirements in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Working and Hobby Farm Mortgages
Rural Construction Mortgage

Rural Construction Mortgage.

Rural Construction Lender.

Purchasing a home in Rural locations at times is a difficult process in and of itself given that lenders typically gravitate towards financing property in urban and suburban locations. When it comes to construction loans, you may find that construction lenders also take the same stance and shy away from rural home construction loans. DV Capital provides rural construction loans in locations outside of major urban and suburban centres. If you are looking to purchase land or acreage, we can assist you with the rural land purchase financing for raw, vacant or serviced land and the construction of your custom home or subdivision development. If you currently own rural land, we will assess whether you own the land free and clear, or if you currently have an existing land loan. In either case, we will help you determine rural construction mortgage options. DV Capital works with homeowners, real estate investors, builders and developers who plan to either occupy the property as their primary residence or sell the completed real estate on completion of its construction and development. Contact us to learn how DV Capital provides rural construction mortgage loans to homeowners and builders in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Well and septic mortgage.

mortgages for homes with a well & septic system.

In a typical cookie-cutter subdivision, most homes receive their water and septic services through public municipal channels. However, in more rural or remote settings, homes may operate on private wells and septic systems. In simple terms, a homeowner may install a water well on their property and ensure that the well is properly installed in order to provide the home with clean and safe water. It’s important to note that whether you are purchasing, refinance or building a home, you’ll be required to provide a well water test, also referred to as a water potability certificate which will confirm that the well water meets safety standards. A septic tank is essentially an underground container that should be inspected and cleaned on a fairly regular basis as well as replaced or repaired pursuant to professional guidelines and standards. Traditional and private lenders will oftentimes reduce their loan amount, loan to value, or not want to lend on the property at all if the property relies on well and septic systems. DV Capital provides homeowners with mortgage options real estate using well and septic services in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Well and Septic Mortgage
Cottage Mortgages and Cottage Lenders
Cottage Mortgages.

Vacation, Cottage & Second Home Mortgages.

DV Capital can help finance your cottage purchase, refinance, renovations and cottage construction mortgage based on their vast experience financing cottage mortgages on land and islands from the Muskoka’s to the Kawartha’s and other cottage locations. Traditional lenders are very rigid with cottage financing and typically have 2 classifications for cottage and second home properties: Type A & Type B cottage properties. 

What Is a Type A Cottage (Essentially a Second Home):

  • Have a permanent foundation.
  • Fully winterized, 4 season dwelling.
  • Accessible year-round, municipally plowed. 
  • Located in a reasonably marketable location.
What is a Type B Cottage (A ‘Rustic’ Property Type): 

  • May have a floating foundation.
  • Seasonal access is acceptable.
  • Water access only is acceptable. 
  • Greater leniency for less marketable locations.
Private Mortgages for Cottages & Second Homes:


  • Equity-Based, Flexible Income & Credit Requirements.
  • Private Mortgage Jumbo Loan Amounts.
  • Private Mortgage Lending for Island Properties.
  • Equity-Based Private Mortgage Lending for Cottages.

DV Capital works closely with homeowners, real estate investors and builders & satisfies their cottage, second home and vacation home financing requirements across Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Cottage Mortgage Interest Rates.

Cottage mortgage Lenders.

DV Capital has experience financing cottage, vacation and second homes through a wide variety of capital sources including traditional and non-bank mortgage lenders. From default-insured low down payment institutional mortgages, to private mortgages for cottages in 1st and 2nd position for purchase, refinance, and construction financing. Accordingly, cottage mortgage interest rates vary per clientele, property type, property location & financing needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a cottage or a second home, replace an existing mortgage or access equity in the property, contact us to explore options. We have knowledge, experience and resources in various cottage locations including Kawartha Lakes, Muskoka, Georgian Bay, Price Edward Country, Parry Sound, Haliburton and other cottage country locations. We have mortgage solutions for traditional cottage properties with road access as well as cottage properties that are located on islands accessible only by water. Contact DV Capital for your cottage mortgage financing requirements in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.  

Cottage Mortgage Interest Rates
Mortgage for Mobile Homes on Leased Land in Canada

Mortgages for mobile homes.

Mortgages for Mobile Homes on Leased Land.

DV Capital Corporation has experience working with purchasers and existing owners of mobile homes on owned and leased land. Mortgages for mobile homes, especially on leased land, is a very niche mortgage product that appears to be slowly phasing out by traditional mortgage lenders, furthermore, there are very few alternative and private mortgage lenders that will financing mobile homes that are situated on owned or leased land. Whether you are looking to purchase or refinance a mobile home on owned or leased land, contact us anytime to discuss potential mortgage approvals for mobile homes in Ontario and British Columbia. 

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