Vendor Take Back Mortgage.

Vendor take back mortgage, what’s that?

Vendor take back financing can be very beneficial to both buyer and seller. 

Your vendor (seller) will hold back a mortgage on the property that you are purchasing. 

You might consider a vendor take back mortgage if you have an insufficient down payment or wish to keep cash on hand.  It is possible that your mortgage lender might have approved you for a certain loan amount that combined with your down payment is insufficient. This is where the vendor will provide you with a vendor take back mortgage.


Property Location: Toronto, Ontario
Purchase Price: $800,000
Approved 1st Mortgage: $520,000 @ 5% 
Down Payment: $200,000 
Vendor Take Back Mortgage: $80,000 @ 5% 

Outcome For Purchaser:  Obtained a property that they would’ve otherwise been able to purchase. 

Outcome for Seller:  Receives gross proceeds of $720K and will earn $4,000 per annum in interest. 

You might be wondering why someone would provide a vendor take back mortgage. In some cases, the vendor offers the vendor take back mortgage as an incentive to attract purchasers in a soft market or when the property isn’t receiving much interest. It could also be that the property type and location might not be eligible for financing up to a certain degree that a typical purchaser client can afford.

 In most cases, the vendor will charge an interest rate on the vendor back mortgage. This now becomes a potential revenue source for real estate investors while also receiving the majority of the sale proceeds to save or reinvest. 

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