Referral Program

Why DV Capital?

We understand the importance of providing clients with concierge service at each and every step of their experience. We take pride in going beyond the call of duty to maintain your faith in us with each opportunity to review your clients mortgage options.

How do we assist?

Our professional partners recognize the fact that we share a mutual understanding with respect to service standards. By being accessible 7 days a week we compliment our partners’ services. Whether it is a question pertaining to mortgage rates, solutions, or general information, we’re here.  

Partnership Benefits?

We maintain relationships with real estate sales representatives and brokers, real estate lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, insolvency trustees, and builders. We are more than a friendly professional partner that strives to improve your business and help your clients. In fact, we provide very healthy compensation to our referral partners on each and every successfully funded transaction. We implemented this process to ensure that everyones efforts are aligned on what is most important, helping the client each and every time. Most importantly, this amount is never added, instead simply a portion of the transactional costs. 

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We believe that with transparency is key to empowering our clients to make informed mortgage decisions. Our mortgage blog contains useful information, pointers, and rate updates.



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