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What is a reverse mortgage?

Unlock your home equity.

A reverse mortgage is designed to help Canadians age 55 and over access their home equity. It is a convenient method to convert hard-earned home equity into tax-free cash. Oftentimes Canadians aren’t in a position that they anticipated with respect to their retirement savings. If you are like many homeowners 55+, a viable solution to help you life the live you’ve always imagined. In fact, the qualifying criteria for a reverse mortgage is quite simple. In most situations the property must be a principle residence located in an urban centre and you must demonstrate your ability to service regular house-related expenses such as your realty tax payments. 

How does a reverse mortgage work?

access your home equity.

A reverse mortgage is unlike a traditional mortgage in the sense that there aren’t scheduled mortgage payments during the term. On the contrary, you will not be required to make any mortgage payments during the term of your reverse mortgage. While you will still be paying interest for your reverse mortgage, the interest accumulates in the background. One of many reverse mortgage benefits is the ability to defer your payments to increase your cashflow.

Reasons for a Reverse Mortgage.

Use your equity how you'd like.

  • Access up to 55% of the value of your home. 
  • Eliminate higher interest rate debt obligations.
  • Improve monthly cash flow.
  • Advanced inheritance.
  • Unexpected healthcare costs. 
  • Purchase a vacation property. 
  • Home renovations.
  • An option to remain living in your home.

Facts about reverse Mortgages.

Transparency is key.

  • Retain 100% ownership of the title of your property.
  • Tax-free funds unlike breaking existing investments..
  • Receive your funds in a lump-sum or multiple instalments. 
  • You will not have to make any mortgage payments.
  • If your obligations are met you will never owe more than your home.
  • Your reverse mortgage is repaid when you sell or pass away.

In summary.

knowledge is power.

Oftentimes a traditional mortgage might be cost-friendlier than a reverse mortgage and you might require access to over 55% of the value of your home. In addition, if you might require a home equity loan or second mortgage in the future your options might be limited as not many lenders will lend behind a reverse mortgage. Although DV Capital can provide home equity loans, second third mortgages behind a reverse mortgage, we will help you review possible mortgage solutions with you in order to tailor a reverse mortgage approval in Ontario or British Columbia. 



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